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Branding & Marketing Integrity – Connect the Thoughts


You know your business. We know marketing. When you partner with Train of Thought you will gain a fundamental understanding of your marketing communications that you simply will not get anywhere else. You will also get uncommonly compelling marketing pieces that will increase your prospects while building community around your brand.

We are small business branding and marketing specialists who can plan and execute an actionable marketing program that you will actually understand, which is an important distinction when you consider that the biggest reason companies don’t follow their marketing plans is lack of understanding.

Our marketing plans are created from scratch for each client. It’s a universal truth that most companies do not follow their marketing plans, but Train of Thought clients do, because we give you everything you need to succeed, from education and strategy to personal plans, a foundational story and comprehensive communications.


  • Actionable marketing planning
  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Print collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Tradeshow display

What you won’t find here

You won’t find run-of-the-mill brands here. Why? We don’t do boring. (We believe nearly anything can be exciting.) We enjoy helping small brands get bigger (or better). We’ve been small business specialists since 1992, weathered two recessions, and helped our clients launch and optimize hundreds of successful brands.

How do we work?

It’s easy for marketing to become complicated, but Train of Thought works with you to keep your marketing simple. We believe keeping it simple is the shortest path to long-term brand loyalty and sales (that’s really the goal isn’t it?)

There are no marketing shortcuts, but partnering with a brand-focused agency helps you keep your marketing on track. We make the hard work of marketing quite a bit easier, so you can focus on evolving and growing your business.


The most consistent weak spot in all marketing is lack of objectivity. Train of Thought clients get the outside objectivity and experience needed to raise their marketing communications to a whole new level.

The benefit? You save money and boost your sales team’s tool set. You experience what it feels like to have a brand people can truly believe in. You get inspiring graphic design, improved websites, effective brand messaging, and marketing that really connects.


Companies who appreciate our environmentally-aware approach to design and focus on the well-being of humanity and the earth at large are among our favorite partners. From ensuring accessibility on websites to sourcing the best materials, and understanding how brand choices impact the world, this focus is at the core of our beliefs. We are a proud member of NetImpact.