Alibris steps up their game big time

by Kelly Hobkirk

A couple years ago, Alibris was pretty terrible. It made buying used books online into an ugly experience. Thankfully, they listened to customer feedback and made massive changes that completely transformed the experience into the single fastest way to order books online.

Before, Alibris ordering system was largely dysfunctional. Sure, you could place an order, but you often had no idea what you were paying for shipping until after the order was placed, when you might be surprised to learn that you had paid a premium for expedited shipping that you didn’t even know you had selected.

Fast forward to today. Now, Alibris has improved search function and ordering such that it is entirely possible to load their site, do a search, select and order a book, while knowing exactly what you are paying – all within about 1-2 minutes. That is amazing.

That’s smart proactive UX design that is in itself great marketing.

It’s listening to the people who matter internally and externally, serving both sides.

It’s transformative, excellent design that keeps the company relevant, and helps every one of their sellers and customers.


Posted by Kelly Hobkirk • May 19, 2016 • Tags: ,