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X-drinx print advertising and social media

X-drinx advertising

Print advertising for X-drinx, an energy drink with a dedicated and vocal following. Project Scope Print Advertisement Services Graphic Design Skills Typographymore
X-drinx print advertising


Print advertising for X-drinx, an amazingly flavorful energy drink. Project Scope Print Advertisement Services Graphic Design Skills Illustrationmore
Tattoo Energy Brew package design

Tattoo Energy Brew

For Tattoo Energy Brew, Train of Thought worked with some of the most renowned professional tattoo artists in the business, providing them some extra milage for their flash tattoos, which we integrated with our label design. The result was a series of labels that embodied authenticity and acceptance in the tattoo world, while capturing the […]more
XTZ tea label design

XTZ [drink]

XTZ was one of the first energy drinks on the market, and gained a cult following well before the energy drink craze hit its stride. XTZ hired Train of Thought to redesign the label as their market grew. We added a tag line to the label, simply ‘Maximum Energy’ because that’s exactly what the drink […]more
X-drinx brand positioning


Our repositioning and rebranding of the X-drinx energy drink modernized the brand to keep pace with their expanding demographic. What began as a drink targeting a limited Gen-X snowboarder market had evolved into the go-to drink for graveyard shift workers, truck drivers, bus drivers and anyone in need of a strong energy boost. In repositioning […]more