Employment Opportunities at Train of Thought

Train of Thought is an unusual agency in durn near every way, including how we approach employment. Opportunities here are ususual, give-and-take-based, and chock full of responsibility.

To inquire about internship or employment opportunities at Train of Thought, please send the following information (including our questions) in the form below:

1) Which specific type of position are you seeking?
2) What is your definition of success?
3) How do you like to work? Do you enjoy working autonomously, or do you prefer being told exactly what you need to do? How much structure do you like?
4) What makes you feel totally stoked during any given work day?
5) What are you ruefully terrible at?
6) How do you balance your professional ambitions with those around you?
7) Does 2+2 ever = 5? If so, when?
8) Are you currently employed? What do you most like about your current gig?
9) What attracted you to Train of Thought?
10) When do you feel totally in your awesome zone?

Note: Please do not send work samples at this time.

Also: Note that we receive a metric ton (or so) of job inquiries, and cannot respond to all of them. We will contact you if we have a particular opportunity that matches your insanely unique qualifications.

Thanks: for your interest!

Note: If you would like to become a vendor, please get in touch exclusively via United States Postal Service mail.

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