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Have a look at our website portfolio, then, realize that even the best websites have to evolve. Your business grows, customers change, you develop better customer service, develop a new brand, or launch new products. Whatever the case, Train of Thought can help your website grow with you. We can work with what you have, or (if it’s really archaic) we can totally redesign or rewrite your site to reflect who you are now.

We build sites that last. (Some of our clients are still ecstatic with sites we built over ten years ago!)

How do we build a website?

We’re big on strategy, so most sites start there and move swiftly towards what we lovingly refer to as your Website Foundation. Experience has shown that well-planned websites are well-built websites, so we work together to create a comprehensive site plan and determine which services your site will need.

The more clearly we can state your site’s purpose and your desired customer actions, the more likely our work together will result in precisely what you need—an on-brand, search-optimized website that meets your goals and connects with your customers.

A little more details, please

How our design and development process is different:

• We involve you in the process right from the start because we believe that’s the best way to ensure our work is on target. We listen, and we thoroughly explain what we’re doing, so you won’t be left in the dark at any point.

• Our copywriting is search engine-optimized, fast and on-target, which means it also connects with real, live (breathing) human beings.

• When we send you website proofs, you’ll get a whole lot more than just a proof and a request for approval. We’ll meet with you to present designs, discuss your likes and preferences, and actually listen to you quite intently.

• Prior to launch, we thoroughly test your new site for browser compatibility. Then, after launch, we’re here to answer any questions. You can even get a site manual for making easy updates.

What kinds of sites do we build?

We craft website solutions that work for your business and your budget. We build corporate, small business, and e-commerce websites. We also design custom WordPress blogs.

Core Website Services

Web Design & Development

From strategy and planning, to complete content development, copywriting and design, SEO, social media integration and web development, we’re here to guide you through every step of creating or redesigning your website. We build websites on the most extensible content management system available: WordPress.

Content Development

We can help you get all the materials you need to build your site. If anything is missing, we’ll create it, write it, or help you refine what you’ve got. We handle SEO copywriting, photo research, photo shoots, art direction, and pretty much anything you need.

Logo & Identity Design

If you are lacking a logo, we can devise a package to include both logo and web design, then design all elements of your identity together. (Have we mentioned we love startups?)

Site Spruce Copywriting

Maybe your site looks ok, but needs a re-write? We’ll collaborate with your team to improve your messaging and SEO in one fell swoop.

Post-Launch Marketing

Once we’ve built your new site, we can help you get the word out with a marketing plan to suit your specific goals.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs, so give us a shout when you’re ready to build an on-brand, cleanly coded site that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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