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Art Direction

Art direction is a lot like it sounds (directing art), only more precise. It’s how we take strategy and turn it into magic. It’s also how we make sure there are no distractions in photographs, and how we ensure maximum readability in all advertising communications.

Art direction is equal parts graphic design, composition and cultural awareness, and it brings a level of sophistication to your communications that no other part of the creative process can.

So what exactly is art direction? What does it look like? This is a bit like explaining what a moon elf looks like. Art direction is all of the unseen genius that makes advertising rock. And it’s not necessarily all about flash either. It’s about making connections with unusual concepts. Art directors bring the vision for those unusual ideas to the table, then inspire our team to perfect their genius.

Is it scary? Yes, it is delightfully scary! Art direction demands risk-taking or precision or open-mindedness. It encourages you to embrace communications that get you noticed and remembered.

Ad agencies used to hide the art directors in the back room, lest they scare away the clients with their insane-sounding ideas. Then one day, someone realized those scary insane ideas were the genius that excite people and inspire the most effective collaborations.

Some businesses like to think, ‘Hey, we’re small, we don’t need that extra service,’ but the truth is that art direction is critical in keeping people engaged in their marketing. Without art direction, advertising is boring.

Train of Thought takes art direction seriously. It’s both the how and why of our ad campaigns. Why be boring? How do we create something eye-catching and compelling? Art direction. We won’t promise you the moon, but we’ll try to get a good chunk of it for you.