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Brand Matter

Brand Matter™ is our totally unique, comprehensive method for auditing the effective use of your brand and marketing efforts.

Over time, most brands become diluted as messages are watered down or distorted through inconsistent use, and standards are lost. It’s what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, board room, or marketing team, and it usually takes years to manifest. Often times, companies aren’t even aware that their brand has gotten off track. It’s kind of like developing love handles—you don’t notice them until they are substantial in size.

A Brand Matter audit reveals problems you may not even be aware exist and illuminates both short and long-term solutions that keep brands performing at maximum power.

When a brand loses its mojo (or intense focus), everyone suffers. Sales teams lose their way, marketing gets off track, employees and customers alike lose faith and start looking at alternatives.

Brands are most effective when brand standards are intact through every ounce of their exposure. A Brand Matter audit may be just what your organization needs to rediscover its core beliefs, shore up any weaknesses, and communicate your strengths in a more compelling voice.

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