XTZ [drink]

XTZ was one of the first energy drinks on the market, and gained a cult following well before the energy drink craze hit its stride. XTZ hired Train of Thought to redesign the label as their market grew. We added a tag line to the label, simply ‘Maximum Energy’ because that’s exactly what the drink was all about, stripped out elements that undermined readability, focused the viewer’s attention on the logo, and updated the text. We also designed labels for the brand’s new flavors, kaffĂ© and chai.

(XTZ featured 150mg caffeine, plus red, black and green tea, guarana, ma huang [ephedrine, when that was still legal], betel nut and kola nut. Just one of these would see us bouncing off the walls within a minute or so. They were super tasty too.)

Project Scope

Label Design


Graphic Design
Tag line