How to have a standout brand

by Kelly Hobkirk

1. Find a brand development firm or designer who truly speaks and understands the language of branding.
2. Listen to your brand consultant. If they are good, they will listen to you.
3. Take time to consider the brand strategy questions.
4. Be truthful – don’t hold back.
5. Expect your brand to revolutionize your marketing, but have patience – it may take time.
6. Don’t take your brand for granted. It can be the most powerful marketing tool you will ever have.
7. Inspire your people to believe in your brand, because it is true—your brand is you.
8. Be sure your brand embodies your vision, speaks in your voice, and reinforces your actions.
9. Stay true to your brand, and your brand will stay true to you.

Posted by Kelly Hobkirk • March 1, 2011 • Tags: ,