How to trust your graphic designer

by Kelly Hobkirk

Ever notice how all nearly businesses have either an in-house graphic designer or they work with a freelance designer or design firm? So you recognize the necessity. It’s not a big leap to extend your trust in the same way you do to other critical team members.

Since graphic designers and copywriters are typically not board-certified (there is no such thing in the industry), clients and some bosses look down on them, telling them what to do and how to do it, often without regard for how their (micro) management may negatively effect the outcomes.

The truth is graphic designers (and copywriters too) are just as critical to product or business success as salespeople, attorneys and accountants. Graphic designers are a critical cog in the team.

Consider how your advertising, interactive and marketing communications might suffer if the warehouseman or sales team did them. If the thought scares you, place your trust in your graphic design professional.

Posted by Kelly Hobkirk • June 4, 2012 • Tags: